Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catch up posts!

I had a lovely day out at another Lindy Charm School for Girls workshop today, this time in Melbourne with the fabulous Ms Belle as my companion in charm. It reminded me that I haven't actually gotten around to doing a number of vintage blog posts! I'd finally gotten around to taking some photos, and have talked about them with friends, but had forgotten to actually post.

So shortly I will post about:
  • The completed cherry print apron (which I wore over my frock tonight while making lamb roast post-charm school)
  • The two gorgeous late 1940's suit jackets I picked up at the Love Vintage Fair earlier this year.
  • The fabulous vintage (1950s?) swimsuit I bought from a friend recently that fits beautifully and has interesting construction.
  • A vintage frock from bought from the same friend as the swimsuit that is lovely, but a little big and I'm debating to alter or not to alter.
Stay tuned.

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