Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sewing projects for 2012

Last year I didn't really make any sewing plans. This year I've decided that it would be useful to make a list of things that I'd like to make. I'm hoping it will give me a bit of focus when I find myself stuck for a project. I've also started trying to line up patterns with fabric I currently have in my stash.


The following isn't in any particular order, just how they happened to come out of my head. I keep the list in Evernote, which I've found is vey handy for organising, well everything! It means I can keep adding to the list as ideas come up and also remind me of what projects I want to do when I'm out and about looking at potential materials.


Sewing projects - clothing

  • Full skirted version of Butterick B6582 in white with black floral print linen, for a wedding in May
  • Jacket/cape from Burdastyle 8/2009, possibly from the dark green wool reclaimed from an SCA frock
  • Slip from black cherry print satin using Ruby Slip pattern
  • French knickers. From this pattern. First try with cheap satin, then if works use black cherry print silk satin
  • Pajama shorts - soft cotton or linen, for summer
  • Pair of linen pants from Colette Clover pattern
  • Colette Parfait dress - possibly in black with white polka dot fabric
  • Simplicity 2261 - Pair of casual 3/4 pants


  • Refashion bamboo pleated tops
  • Refashion vintage navy and white dress
  • Refashion second hand black and white houndstooth dress to a vintage style pattern 
  • Replace buttons on red trench coat with something more interesting

Craft, non-clothing sewing

  • Dog coats for the Lost Dogs Home. Pattern from Stitches magazine. Aim to make from recycled materials. Second hand polar fleece from jackets/blankets. Secondhand weatherproof material from umbrellas, rain coats. 
  • Lavender sachets. I cut a large bunch of lavender from a neighbours garden end of last year and dried it. I've got it stored in an airtight container with desiccant sachets, so it should still be okay. Would like to make little lavender sachets to give as gifts.
  • Banana lounge cover. Light padding. Probably something similar to an ironing board cover that can slip over the whole lounge and then be tightened with drawstrings or elastic. Or like a pillow slip where you have sleeves that slip over both ends and then opening the lounge out pulls the fabric taut. Have seen some terry towelling ones for sale in Spotlight, but would like something nicer.
  • Dog treat bag that attaches to belt or harness with drawstring closure. Needs to be easy to open with one hand to fish out treats, but close tight enough to keep out prying noses. Will be "lab" tested as a matter if course :)
  • Knitting needle case - like a pencil roll, to keep my growing collection of needles organised.
  • Gardening apron based on my red Japanese apron, but with waist belt and more pockets. 
  • Refashion domestic goddess apron
  • Hand towels with loop at top for the kitchen, made from recycled towels
  • Knitting project bags, with pockets for needles, yarn, and pattern. Could have Rigid panel with plastic sleeve to insert the patten (to be viewed from the outside of the bag). That way you could see which project is in the bag and also prop the pattern up to read while knitting. Needle pocket could run along the long side of pattern sleeve. Maybe a small internal pocket for small scissors, tapestry needles etc.. Small drawstring bags to contain working yarn to keep it clean but still allow it to come out easily. Project bag to have zippered closure to prevent things falling out. Should be large enough to fit a book if necessary. 
  • Reusable bags using the black and white bag design (rolls up and is fastened with a snap). Use recycled fabrics that are light weight but sturdy. 
  • Covers for Aussie farmers direct boxes to make them look a bit nicer for storage.


  • Andes shrug, in black wool (started)
  • Rug from recycled t-shirt fabric
  • Owl sweater
  • Escargot cloche hat
  • Tea cozy, haven't pick a design yet
  • Possible yarn bombing


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