Friday, November 19, 2010

Summer Sewing Inspiration: Joining the Crepe Sew-Along

Thanks to getting into a good physical rehabilitation program, I'm now starting to feel like I can tackle some proper sewing. I've been thinking about what summer sewing projects to kick off with and faced the usual problem of too many pattern choices.

Then I saw that the lovely Gertie will shortly be starting another sew-along, and with a nice simple wrap dress, which is a) perfect for me to get back into sewing with and b) perfect for expanding my summer wardrobe.

The sew-along introduction post is here and the pattern is Colette Crepe:

I've ordered my pattern (and you can get a 20% discount code from Gertie's blog if you're interested) and it is currently en route to my post box.

Having cleared out my fabric stash prior to moving, it was necessary to do some fabric shopping. I recently cruised the local Brunswick fabric stores. I came away with two fabrics, both of which I think would suit this pattern, but are quite different so I'm undecided which to use.

This one is black with tiny polka dot and larger, irregularly placed dots.

This one is a pale, olivey green with a printed black pattern. The print feels a little raised on one side.

Both are cotton/cotton blend I think and are mostly opaque. I'd probably wear a slip under the pale one though. At the moment, I think I'm leaning towards the black and white, because that's my favourite colour palette and I could see it working well as an autumn transition dress worn over a long sleeve black top and with tights and boots. However, I really lack some lighter (in both colour and weight) dresses and I think summer here is going to be pretty toasty.

Decisions, decisions. I have until 6 December to make up my mind and start sewing. Suggestions welcome :)


quothwinter said...

I really like the squiggly pattern.

I'm going to get one... and then think fabric. I don't reallllly want to buy more, so I'm contemplating black linen, with red linen ties.

Mayela said...

I like the patterned one over the polka dots. And remember Gertie is going to go through lining it so you may not need a slip if you line it. I've just ordered my pattern, will have to investigate the stash and see if I have any appropriate fabric, if not, shopping!

Melbourne Belle said...

I like them both and I think I'll have to see them IRL to decide, but as a general observation, whichever one is going to cause less perfectionist-induced seam/pattern aligning angst. So probably the spots, first time round, then then olivey green one for your "birthday dress".

Ant Queen said...

Black and red linen sounds nice. I did see a lovely red and black print, but abstained in the basis that I already have a couple of red summer frocks.

I'll need to get some lining fabric, so depending on what I find, that may make the decision for me.