Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farewell Figtree

Today we packed up all our belongings and said farewell to Figtree. The removalists spent the day packing most of our stuff into the containers. And of course today it decided to absolutely bucket with rain, just to make the moving experience that much more of a challenge.

While packing for the move, I commented to friends that I reckoned I could get all of our clothes into two suitcases. It turned out to be 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, 1 medium box, and one "portarobe" box (for the suit jackets and coats). So I think I can safely say both the Cunning Plans Dept and I have a rather minimalist wardrobe. However, as the removalists were packing the kitchen, I realised that where I may save space in the wardrobe, I more than make up for it with baking stuff. I have a LOT of kitchen stuff. However, as the CPD commented - a naked lady who can bake is better than a fashionista who can't cook.

After a long day, we're now at my parent's place, where we're staying tonight before driving us and the pups south of the border to Melbourne. Next stop, Brunswick West!


Murray-Luke said...
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Ant Queen said...

But sweetie, you know you're more likely to come and see us in Melbourne than when we were in Figtree.

Friendsmas in Melbourne this year!